Best 7 WiFi Hacking Apps For Android Phone

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Network Tools are the best application to solve any type of errors of networks no matter how your Sim card network or WiFi network is, it will fix them all for better attack. It also offers some networking services such as DNS Lookup, Ping, etc. which can  be used for analyzing connection issues. It also allows you to check any device’s MAC Address and his vendor name too.






Z Anti is one of the best WiFi Hacking & Penetration tool for Android devices which is developed by Zimperium. Hackers use this application for checking securities in websites and servers. It can also be used for other purposes like for Vulnerability Checking, MAC Address Spoofing, Password Auditing and many more.


How to Use ZAnti ?

Download and install ZAnti app on your phone
Open the app, and it will ask to enter your email. Simply enter and verify it.
After accepting your account, just click on “Start Now” button.Network Discovery




WiFi Inspect is a security tool which helps us to bypass the password of any WiFi network. Advanced users use this app in different fields but this application isn’t developed for hacking purpose. Well, Wi-Fi password hacking is not illegal at all. This app has a bunch of features including UPnP Device ScannerNetwork SnifferPcap AnalyzerPort Scan, Host Vulnerability Scan and so much features in it. This application needs a rooted android phone to work properly.





WPS Connect is one of the best Wi-Fi hacking apps for rooted Android devices. With this application, you can disable other user’s internet connection on the same Wi-Fi network and can also easily hack any WPS secured Wi-Fi password. This app works with almost all routers. You can equally connect to WiFi networks which have WPS protocol enabled. Just download this app to your smartphone and search for Wi-Fi signal. You can also view saved Wi-Fi password from this Android app.






If you are a professional and have enough knowledge to use this type of networking apps, go for it. Else, just scroll down because it’s not an easy task to handle this application. It works on Android 3.0 and upper versions. It has some cool features like DNS Recovery, Port Scanner, just to name a little……






Nmap wifi app is one of the most popular network security scanners and it is also available for Android devices. It is used by professionals for network exploration. It works on both non-rooted and rooted android phones. If your phone is rooted then you have access to more features of the app. You can download this app for your Android Or Tablet device. It allows you to scan networks for finding ports and system detail






WPS WPA Tester works on normal Android smartphones if you want to just connect a WPS/WPA enabled Wi-Fi network without knowing the password. Its quit easy and straight forward If you have a rooted Android smartphone, then you can view the hacked password of any WPS protected network.

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