Facebook Messenger Promises Speedy Delivery of 4K Pics

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Facebook on Tuesday raised the ante for messaging apps photo quality with the announcement of 4K support for Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Promises Speedy Delivery of 4K Pics

“We’re making significant investments in how people communicate visually on Messenger,” wrote Facebook Messenger product managers Sean Kelly and Hagen Green in an online post. Starting Tuesday, “people can send and receive photos in Messenger at 4K resolution — or up to 4,096 x 4,096 pixels per image — the highest quality many smartphones support.”

Although the need for speed in a messaging app and the size of 4K photo files would seem to work at odds with each other, that apparently is not the case with the Messenger upgrade.

“Your photos will also be sent just as quickly as before, even at this new, higher resolution,” Kelly and Green maintained.

4K Resolution in Messenger Brooklyn Bridge

Click on image to zoom in on difference in resolution.

Speed is important. Viewers will start to abandon content if it takes more than two seconds to start up, research from Akamai suggests. What’s more, with each incremental second of delay, the abandonment rate increases 5.8 percent.

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